Best Sunglasses for Travel

A good pair of sunglasses is among the most important accessories that you should never forget to pack for your next travel, no matter where your destination might be.

Sunglasses shouldn’t only be packed for a warm escape to the Caribbean as these are also important even if you plan to hit the mountains. In case you don’t know it yet, UV rays are up to 8 times harsher in snowy conditions due to the snow’s reflective properties.

People who have light- colored eyes, such as green or blue, are at a higher risk of sunlight-related damages to the eyes. This means that wearing the right pair of sunglasses is as equally essential as applying your favorite sun lotion, something that you should never forget to do.

However, what does a good sunglasses pair for travel mean? For starters, you will need a pair that can block dangerous UV-B and UV-A rays. You have to keep in mind that not every polarized shade has UV protection. While polarized lenses can keep your eyes shielded from the glare of the sun, this doesn’t have anything to do with keeping your eyes protected from UV rays.

Before you pack your bags for your getaway, make sure you get any of the following best sunglasses for travel.

Offshoot Sunglasses from Oakley Men

Do you want to unleash your creativity? Why not choose a customizable pair of sunglasses made to suit your preferences? Choose from 10 frame shades that include matte and satin finishes and 6 different colors of lenses. Even though Oakley is known for their plethora of customizable styles, the Offshoot is a great choice due its classic design perfect for the beach and the slopes alike.

Seven Pools’ Sunglasses from Maui Jim

Aside from being scratch-resistant and polarized, the lenses from Maui Jim also enhance contrast and color. The frames are comfortable and lightweight, which means that you can wear these for a long time without suffering from that bothering sharp pain at the back of your years. The oversized style is also perfect for most facial shapes and offers maximum coverage.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Developed in 1936 as per request of the US Army Air Corps, the Aviators blocked the harmful white and blue light of the sun to lessen headaches experienced by pilots. No one imagined back then that after over 8 decades, this popular all-American style is going to be a big hit all over the world. For those who love the classic design, complete your travel with a pair of Aviators.



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