Sunglasses for Women

Cartier Panthere Sunglasses

The beautiful sunglasses of Cartier is known a Panthere and it’s a unique work of art. Its name comes from small panther figures, which lie on the glasses’ arms. Its frame is actually made of 18K white gold, yet it isn’t the only element that’s considered luxurious. The frame is basically formed with 561 diamonds and 645 sapphires. Lenses should be ordered separately so the wearer may decide whether they’d like to wear them as regular glasses or sunglasses.

CliC Gold 18K Gold Sports Sunglasses

CliC Gold is a pair of sports sunglasses. Each piece of this is made of 18K gold. Ron Lando, its founder, has been in the business industry for years and loved making extravagant eyewear. He’s already popular for producing the most expensive reading glasses when he decided to team up with Hugh Power, a jewelry designer. This time, the work was to make the priciest sports sunglasses. Their masterpiece is actually handmade and every piece requires almost fifty hours of work.

DG2027B Sunglasses of Dolce Gabbana

It is a pair of brown-tinted and pure-gold framed sunglasses, which have the renowned sign of the brand. Dolce and Gabbana are actually encrusted in the arms of the sunglasses in small diamonds.

Shiels Jewellers Emerald Sunglasses

Nero, the Roman emperor, used emerald for protecting his eyes from the sun for him to enjoy watching gladiator fights in a better way. It’s an inspiration for the sunglasses of Shiels Jewellers, which has pure gold frames with attached diamonds. Emerald lenses are the most exclusive part that took 5 years to cut, shape, and acquire. Albert and Nyra Bensimon, owners of an Australian company, made sure they made something special that’s in line with the vision of Jack Shiels, the founder.

Luxuriator Canary Diamond Sunglasses

Franco Inc., an eyewear and jewelry designer headquartered in Los Angeles, made Luxuriator Collection in year 2004. It is a pair of luxury diamond sunglasses, which handcrafted with micro pave or pave VSGF diamonds set in white, yellow, rose or gun metal gold frames. The creator also offers hand-engraved and enameled versions.

If you have money and willing to invest in those sunglasses, do so. Besides, your eyes deserve the best possible protection as well as luxury.