Trends of Sunglasses for 2019

For many centuries, sunglasses have been among the staple accessories in the glitzy and glamorous world of fashion. Aside from jewelry pieces and wristwatches, sunglasses are must-have during spring and summer months. Sunglasses help you make a statement and showcase your unique character and personality. And the best thing about today’s sunglasses is that you can now combine them with prescription eyeglasses, striking the perfect balance between function and style. But, just like any trend in fashion, trends in sunglasses are also constantly changing. Through the years, new models and designs have caught the attention of fans and became trends not long after their launch. This year 2019, the following are the hottest trends that are expected to hit the world of sunglasses:

Shield Sunglasses

The shield sunglasses offer the highest level of protection. This means that these pieces can cover a large part of the face. The key marker of shield sunglasses is that these are not bi-framed similar to most sunglasses. Instead, these are made of a single huge piece of see-through and protective material covering the bridge of the nose and the eyes at the same time.

Sporty Sunglasses

As shield sunglasses make a big comeback, the eyewear trends this summer 2019 are capitalizing on the sportier structure for these glasses as well as for designs that are more delicate. Sporty sunglasses have been combined with shield accents that are oversized.

Extreme Bling

Embellishments and jewels are staples on higher end of sunglasses. But, for this year 2019, designers decided to take things to more extreme levels. If you consider yourself being someone who always goes extra in everything you do, extreme bling sunglasses will surely be among your favorite pieces these spring and summer. Red Frames Many prescription sunglasses in the past were made with a red frame that will make you imagine yourself as a hero or heroine of a travel film of the 50s. If you are a big fan of these frames, you will surely be delighted to see that red frames are now making a big comeback in the trends in sunglasses this spring and summer 2019.

Patterned Frames

Just like how unique print trends grazed the runways this year 2019, it is only expected that these prints will also show up on sunglasses introduced this season. The specific brands that stood out with their fabric patterns also happen to be the ones that came up with noteworthy prints and patterns on the frames of their sunglasses.

Triangle Shaped Lenses

For 2019, sunglasses that have triangle shaped lenses boast of a futuristic effect instead of a more retro one. These pieces were sophisticated and sleek, giving off somewhat an avant-garde vibe.

Tiny Sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses and their interesting shapes have also become some of the top accessories that can keep your eyes protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

The Bottom Line

You see, 2019 is a year that comes with some old and new popular trends in sunglasses. This means that no matter what your taste or style might be, you can be sure that you will find the right and perfect pair for you.


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