Who Makes The Best Sunglasses?

There are lots of sunglasses brands in today’s market. However, not all of them are worth your money and time. If you are wondering who makes the best sunglasses, check out some of the best brands of sunglasses in the world:


It’s an award-winning eyewear manufacturer in Germany. Mykita sunglasses are not the most accessible sunglasses in the market. They are very expensive, yet they are known for their quality. If you could purchase one, expect that your sunglasses would last for many years.

Warby Parker

It’s an American sunglasses manufacturer that was first established in year 2010. It is a newbie in comparison to some brands. It is notable for having a collection of stylish and affordable sunglasses. Those who look for sunglasses that offer great value for their price must include Warby Parker in their list.

American Optical

It’s known for its collection of durable sunglasses that are capable to last for many years. Purchasing a pair of American Optical sunglasses is a good investment.  The best thing about these is that they are affordable. American Optical is popular for making sunglasses worn by Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11’s crew.

Oliver Peoples

This brand was purchased by Oakley in year 2006 and became part of Luxottica when it purchased Oakley in 2007. The sunglasses of Oliver Peoples are renowned for their distinct and detailing frames. All of its products come with topnotch quality, their prices are a bit expensive.


It’s the most famous high-end brand of sunglasses in the world. It’s a known brand among sunglasses casuals and enthusiasts. Aviator, Clubmaster, and Wayfarer sunglasses are the most renowned products of Ray-Ban. Other sunglasses enthusiasts would argue that its quality suffered drop-off after it’s sold to Luxottica. However, it’s still one of the best brands.

Randolph Engineering

It’s renowned for making some of the most durable and toughest sunglasses across the globe. Oftentimes, people joke that the sunglasses of Randolph Engineering are indestructible. You do not really require lots of guarantees or assurances in terms of quality sunglasses.


It is known for having a selection of sunglasses with classic and bold designs. The company only makes high quality sunglasses with high rates. Interested buyers would have to dig deep into their wallets to purchase a pair of sunglasses from Moscot. Also, it is known for having some celebrity customers like James Franco and Johnny Depp.


Persol is another sunglasses brand that is owned by Luxottica. It’s an Italian eyewear maker that was founded by Guiseppe Ratti. It’s one of the oldest and known eyewear companies in the world. Its name came from an Italian term “per il sole”. Its English meaning is “for the sun”.

Known for making stylish and durable sunglasses, Persol products can last for many years. But, they are a little expensive and might not be affordable for some regular folds. However, expect to get what you pay for with Persol sunglasses.



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